Medication Management Kit

Hello! As a busy and productive occupational therapy student, my blogging days have been few and far between. But I am back. And keeping with the theme, this crafty craft is intended to challenge cognition, fine motor and general safety of some of our lovely elderly patients.

Some older individuals have difficulty managing all their medications: picking up tiny pills, organizing them into little containers correctly and taking the appropriate dosages at the appropriate times. This little kit is a way for patients to practice and improve the basic skills needed to safely manage their medications. (And I go to use my lable maker!!)

  • Medium -size tub for easy carrying
  • Blank medicine bottles (if you smile nice at the Walgreen's pharmacist, they're free!)
  • Paper, scissors, printer
  • Contact paper
  • Multiple colored beads
  • Hole punch
  • Binder ring
  • Medication organizers

1. Develop fake lables of fake medications. Include the dosage; for example: take two capsules with breakfast daily. Make sure they will fit on your bottles.

2. Print lables and cut to size.

3. Cover the lables with contact paper in order to adhere the lables to the bottles.

4. Repeat with all your bottles. I had 7 medications and 1 vitamin.

5. Make "My Medication" cards. These cards have a variety of lists of the fake medications you just invented (you little phamacist, you.) The lists will vary in difficulty by having more or less medications listed or with some of the more complicated combinations.

6. Print, cut, and cover with contact paper. Then punch hole in the bottoms and bind together with the binder ring.

7. Divide the different colored beads into the medication bottles.

8. Organize your organizers!! I'm cheap so I bought 2 $.99 ones, so I had to add "AM" and "PM" to mine (call me cheap...)

9. Add the "Contents" to the back of your box. You don't want to lose anything!

And you are ready to help your clients learn and grow, making them a little bit safer at home... and happy!!

To use:

1. Present your patient with one of the "My Medications" cards, with the difficulty graded to the patient's abilities.

2. The patient will divide medications into the organizers.

Medications Managed!

Enjoy your Medication Managment Kit!!



  1. So stinking cute! I love making things for my patients to work with...I love your take on this...going to be copying....thanks. I am a COTA in grad school for my R! Good Luck
    Christine Van Dyke

  2. I have made a medication management kit, but it is not nearly as good as yours! Time for revisions, thank you.
    Elizabeth L

  3. Like your kit but didnt understand the 28 cards

  4. Thank you! I only wish you wrote out all the prescriptions so I wouldn't have to do the work lol. Very much appreciated regardless!!